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The Dwemer Automaton is the ultimate Discord bot for players and guilds in The Elder Scrolls Online. It lets you access many kinds of ESO related information on the fly like skills, gear sets and crownstore items. You can also subscribe to various news channels like official ESO news, patch notes and pledges. Never miss an ESO update with TDA in your Discord server (also supports German and French channels). Keep reading to find out what commands TDA has and how it can make your Discord server even more amazing!

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Serving thousands of ESO guilds and communities already!

Command Description
/build Search for builds
/buildeditor Elder Scrolls Online Build Editor Information
/champion Champion Points Information
/collectible Search for collectibles
/companion Get information about Companions
/crownstoreshowcase Get the latest Crown Store Showcase article
/endeavors Get information about the daily and weekly Endeavors
/endlessarchivevendor Show the items available at the Endless Archive Vendor
/food Search for food and drinks
/furniture Search for furniture
/golden Show the items available at the Golden Vendor
/help Get help
/language Change the bot language
/lead Search for antiquity leads
/loginrewards Get the current daily login rewards
/luxury Show the items available at the Luxury Furnisher
/outfit Search for outfit styles
/permissioncheck Check if the bot has the right permissions to post subscriptions in the current channel
/pledges Show the current Undaunted pledges
/price Check item prices (PC only)
/pricecheck Get price information on items from ESO-Hub
/region Change the bot region (eu/na/none)
/scribingvendor Show the items available at the Scribing Vendor
/search Search for anything ESO related
/server Check the server status
/set Search for armor sets
/skill Search for skills
/store Search for crown store items
/subscribe Subscribe to news sources
/subscriptions Show currently subscribed news sources
/trial Show all trials and their guides
/tributecard Search for Tales of Tribute cards
/unsubscribe Unsubscribe from news sources
/weekly Get the weekly trials on PC
/whenpledge Check on what day a certain dungeon will be the daily pledge
/wiki Search wiki
/zone Search for zones, dungeons, trials etc.

English Channels

Channel name Command
bot-announcements /subscribe bot-announcements
crownstore-showcase /subscribe crownstore-showcase
dev-tracker-english /subscribe dev-tracker-english
endeavors-eu /subscribe endeavors-eu
endeavors-na /subscribe endeavors-na
eso-hub-news /subscribe eso-hub-news
eso-news /subscribe eso-news
eso-news-en-gb /subscribe eso-news-en-gb
events /subscribe events
games-lantern /subscribe games-lantern
golden-vendor /subscribe golden-vendor
impresario-assistant-vendor /subscribe impresario-assistant-vendor
impresario-vendor /subscribe impresario-vendor
indrik-vendor /subscribe indrik-vendor
infinite-archive-vendor /subscribe infinite-archive-vendor
login-rewards /subscribe login-rewards
luxury-furnisher /subscribe luxury-furnisher
pc-patch-notes /subscribe pc-patch-notes
pledges-eu /subscribe pledges-eu
pledges-na /subscribe pledges-na
ps4-patch-notes /subscribe ps4-patch-notes
pts-patch-notes /subscribe pts-patch-notes
reddit-daily-discussion /subscribe reddit-daily-discussion
reddit-weekday-post /subscribe reddit-weekday-post
scribing-vendor /subscribe scribing-vendor
service-announcements /subscribe service-announcements
twitch-drops /subscribe twitch-drops
weekly-trial-eu /subscribe weekly-trial-eu
weekly-trial-na /subscribe weekly-trial-na
xbox-patch-notes /subscribe xbox-patch-notes
xbox-wire /subscribe xbox-wire

German Channels

Channel name Command
dev-tracker-german /subscribe dev-tracker-german
endeavors-german-eu /subscribe endeavors-german-eu
endeavors-german-na /subscribe endeavors-german-na
eso-news-german /subscribe eso-news-german
events-german /subscribe events-german
golden-vendor-german /subscribe golden-vendor-german
impresario-assistant-vendor-german /subscribe impresario-assistant-vendor-german
impresario-vendor-german /subscribe impresario-vendor-german
indrik-vendor-german /subscribe indrik-vendor-german
infinite-archive-vendor-german /subscribe infinite-archive-vendor-german
login-rewards-german /subscribe login-rewards-german
luxury-furnisher-german /subscribe luxury-furnisher-german
pc-patch-notes-german /subscribe pc-patch-notes-german
pledges-german-eu /subscribe pledges-german-eu
pledges-german-na /subscribe pledges-german-na
ps4-patch-notes-german /subscribe ps4-patch-notes-german
pts-patch-notes-german /subscribe pts-patch-notes-german
scribing-vendor-german /subscribe scribing-vendor-german
xbox-patch-notes-german /subscribe xbox-patch-notes-german

French Channels

Channel name Command
dev-tracker-french /subscribe dev-tracker-french
endeavors-french-eu /subscribe endeavors-french-eu
endeavors-french-na /subscribe endeavors-french-na
eso-news-french /subscribe eso-news-french
events-french /subscribe events-french
golden-vendor-french /subscribe golden-vendor-french
impresario-assistant-vendor-french /subscribe impresario-assistant-vendor-french
impresario-vendor-french /subscribe impresario-vendor-french
indrik-vendor-french /subscribe indrik-vendor-french
infinite-archive-vendor-french /subscribe infinite-archive-vendor-french
login-rewards-french /subscribe login-rewards-french
luxury-furnisher-french /subscribe luxury-furnisher-french
pc-patch-notes-french /subscribe pc-patch-notes-french
pledges-french-eu /subscribe pledges-french-eu
pledges-french-na /subscribe pledges-french-na
ps4-patch-notes-french /subscribe ps4-patch-notes-french
pts-patch-notes-french /subscribe pts-patch-notes-french
scribing-vendor-french /subscribe scribing-vendor-french
xbox-patch-notes-french /subscribe xbox-patch-notes-french

Russian Channels

Channel name Command
dev-tracker-russian /subscribe dev-tracker-russian
endeavors-russian-eu /subscribe endeavors-russian-eu
endeavors-russian-na /subscribe endeavors-russian-na
eso-news-russian /subscribe eso-news-russian
golden-vendor-russian /subscribe golden-vendor-russian
impresario-assistant-vendor-russian /subscribe impresario-assistant-vendor-russian
impresario-vendor-russian /subscribe impresario-vendor-russian
indrik-vendor-russian /subscribe indrik-vendor-russian
infinite-archive-vendor-russian /subscribe infinite-archive-vendor-russian
luxury-furnisher-russian /subscribe luxury-furnisher-russian
pc-patch-notes-russian /subscribe pc-patch-notes-russian
pts-patch-notes-russian /subscribe pts-patch-notes-russian
scribing-vendor-russian /subscribe scribing-vendor-russian

Spanish Channels

Channel name Command
endeavors-spanish-eu /subscribe endeavors-spanish-eu
endeavors-spanish-na /subscribe endeavors-spanish-na
eso-news-spanish /subscribe eso-news-spanish
golden-vendor-spanish /subscribe golden-vendor-spanish
impresario-assistant-vendor-spanish /subscribe impresario-assistant-vendor-spanish
impresario-vendor-spanish /subscribe impresario-vendor-spanish
indrik-vendor-spanish /subscribe indrik-vendor-spanish
infinite-archive-vendor-spanish /subscribe infinite-archive-vendor-spanish
luxury-furnisher-spanish /subscribe luxury-furnisher-spanish
pc-patch-notes-spanish /subscribe pc-patch-notes-spanish
pts-patch-notes-spanish /subscribe pts-patch-notes-spanish
scribing-vendor-spanish /subscribe scribing-vendor-spanish

Server Status

Channel name Command
server-pc-eu /subscribe server-pc-eu
server-pc-na /subscribe server-pc-na
server-pc-pts /subscribe server-pc-pts
server-ps4-eu /subscribe server-ps4-eu
server-ps4-na /subscribe server-ps4-na
server-xbox-eu /subscribe server-xbox-eu
server-xbox-na /subscribe server-xbox-na


Channel name Command
blog-uesp /subscribe blog-uesp
podcast-elder-scrolls-lorecast /subscribe podcast-elder-scrolls-lorecast
podcast-red-diamond-courier /subscribe podcast-red-diamond-courier
podcast-scroll-talk /subscribe podcast-scroll-talk
podcast-uesp /subscribe podcast-uesp
podcast-written-in-uncertainty /subscribe podcast-written-in-uncertainty


Channel name Command
twitter-bethesdasupport /subscribe twitter-bethesdasupport
twitter-tesonline /subscribe twitter-tesonline
twitter-tesonline_de /subscribe twitter-tesonline_de
twitter-tesonline_esp /subscribe twitter-tesonline_esp
twitter-tesonline_fr /subscribe twitter-tesonline_fr
twitter-zenimax_online /subscribe twitter-zenimax_online


Here you can find common problems and how to solve them.

The bot is not responding

Make sure the bot has all the needed permissions in the channel you want it to post in. The needed permissions are "Read messages", "Send messages" and "Embed links".

The bot is responding with empty messages

You have embedded links turned off in your personal settings. Please turn them on in your personal settings under "Text & Images" -> "Link Preview".